Without Me It’s Just Aweso T Shirt

by on November 1, 2010

Wordplay in the house. I like this one. Gotta have faith in yourself and self-respect. Gotta believe that you bring a lot to the table and that you’re an invaluable addition to any family, social group, workplace, and Tupperware party.

So, bring the confidence. Potential mates or flings or affairs love that shit. And the first step is to wear the Without Me It’s Just Aweso T Shirt. This shirt will give you enough positive energy to approach people and negotiate raises, work arrangements, and one-night stands. That’s right, this is a very powerful article of clothing.

Don’t believe me? What if I told you Jake Gyllenhaal was a complete nobody, living in his mama’s basement and bagging groceries, until he invested money in himself by purchasing the t-shirt from Busted Tees. True story I just made up.

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