Winning Charlie Sheen T Shirt

by on March 3, 2011

Charlie Sheen got his name in the Guinness Book of World Records for a second time recently, when he started a Twitter account and got to 1 million followers in 25 hours and 17 minutes. This is the first entry in the GBOWR for this feat. Mr. Sheen is also in the Book for being the highest paid TV actor per episode of all time. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that the man is a winner!

Therefore, if you’d like to be a winner you need to purchase the Winning T Shirt featuring Charlie’s drug-addled face.

Busted Tees gettin’ in on the celebrity train wreck that is the 2 and a Half Men star. I’m not sure any of the proceeds go to feed the porn star, the model, and the twins, but I could be mistaken.

If you love this one, you’ll enjoy the rest of the funny Charlie Sheen T Shirts. Check it.

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