Winners Don’t Use Drugs T Shirt

by on April 14, 2011

The Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation has a message for you and they hope to keep you on the straight and narrow. Otherwise, if a critical mass of the nation becomes addicted to drugs, the United States goes down in flames. There is no way to police all of the mayhem that drug-fueled masses would produce.

Actually, though, Charlie Sheen may have a real big problem with this Winners Don’t Use Drugs T Shirt, since he’s the epitome of Winner, and he’s admitted to a prodigious amount of drug use. Although, I think he’s clean now, which is why he’s off his rocker. The drugs helped him keep his equilibrium, but without the drugs he’s just a frayed exposed nerve.

Split Reason slips in the side door with this Sheen-inspired governmental message against attempting to win with drugs. Obviously, only those with Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA can do that, and those types of folks only come around once in a generation.

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