Wifey Tshirt: Electric Press UK

by on January 15, 2009

wifey-tshirtHey, nothing warms the heart like sitting in your office thinking about how the little missus is keeping the house in order, while you shake out the skills to pay the bills. Such an old fashioned dynamic that deserves at least a passing consideration.

Check out this scene on the Wifey Tshirt offered at upstart UK clothes and accessory online shop, Electric Press. She’s got the Dyson, the liquor, the rose and a very clean bearskin rug. Not sure what happened to her terry cloth bath robe, but I guess you can’t have everything.

Nevertheless, a compelling look at wifey keepin’ the crib tidy method.  To each their own.  By the way, the shirt is brought to you by an outfit called TITS, which, of course, stands for Two in the Shirt. Check it.

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