Wicked Wicky Tees Is Not Whack

by on December 17, 2010

Just ran into this very nice looking funny t shirt shop based in El Monte, California, which is the little city brother to Del Monte, which specializes in fruit. That’s the next step up from t shirts, but you have to start  somewhere.

Apparently, El Monte’s skyline is one of the tops in the world, judging from Wicky Tees logo. I think you’ll find on El Monte in the low teens on this list of top skylines in the world, right up there with Hong Kong, Chicago, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, and Dubai.

Wicky Tees boasts a strong collection of funny stuff touching on themes such as the ever-popular marijauna, gaming, anti-boss, and eggs fucking chickens. Standard stuff but well done with snappy copy and sharp graphics. They also offer EL T Shirts, which apparently stands for ElectroLuninescence Tshirt, which is a shirt with lights that follow the beat of the music. Yeah, I didn’t understand it either until I looked at this Light Up Tees video. I apologize in advance for the shitty sound, but you get the idea of how much of an awesome attention getter something like this can be in the right club setting:

Looks like they have about six different designs for these Light Up babies.

Here’s a sampling of their non-light up t shirt offerings:

Sumo Baseball T Shirt

Sumo Baseball. You think it’s all wrestling for those big dudes? Gotta mix it up.

Soy Tu Padre Mijo T Shirt

Darth Vader practicing his Rosetta Stone Spanish. Good for him…broadening his horizons.

FedSex Express T Shirt

When you absolutely need to get it overnight. Wait, will they really ship booty across the country?

I Recycle Girls T Shirt

Hey, when you’re a Lothario you get bonus points for being up front about your slutty ways. Girls know what they’re getting into. Just can’t help themselves.

When I Die Bury Me Upside Down So the World Can Kiss My Ass T Shirt

Getting the last laugh, except you forgot that you’re going to be in a casket, so there will be ass kissing there. Foiled again. Damn you!

Right now Wicky Tees is offering free shipping on orders over $40, and if you use coupon code WT2010, you’ll get 20% off all orders through the end of the year. So, hurry up and take advantage of that deal.

Just a little tip. If you’re trying to read the banner area that keeps flipping through different offers and messages, but you’re a slow reader like me, hold your cursor over the banner and it will pause.

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