Why Are You Waving? Run! T Shirt

by on November 12, 2010

You’ve seen the charts in the stuffy museums that litter all the urban centers in this fine country of ours. How big were the dinosaurs, well what better way to figure that out than compare their size to a common man. Add some horizontal lines and all of a sudden even the dullest child can get a relative idea of how truly large the beasts were.

Now, let’s take this functional use of a chart, and move into fantasy world were the creatures on the chart are actually real and in the same vicinity. Now, you have a typically-sized man standing there and waving, which seems kind of stupid with massive creatures standing only a few feet away. Thus, you have Why Are You Waving? Run! T Shirt, and it is good.

Well done Snorg Tees. All that time trying to hit on that cute, funny, intelligent docent at the Museum of Natural History has finally started to pay off. God knows you never got the girl, but this shirt isn’t a bad consolation prize.

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