Which Country Should We Screw Next T Shirt

by on February 7, 2011

This is a highly charged political statement dressed up as a benign little spinner game of chance. It’s like a twister spinner, or some other game with colorful pieces a child would play, except that there are countries with real people, real lives, and a real aversion to having the United States insert “democracy” into their behinds in the name of “freedom.”

Iraq is a bit of a fuck up and Afghanistan too. And, a whole lot of other countries that I could name if I could remember any of my radicalists education from fringe books and fringier activists.

Is it Iran? Turkey? Pakistan? North Korea? Egypt? How about Sweden…they’re a little socialist for comfort, always staying out of conflict. No ethnic cleansing. Hell, we don’t really do it for anything other than drinking the milkshake, show any place with oil will do. Spin the wheel Barack. Who’s next to be “liberated.”

Make a statement with this Which Country Should We Screw Next T Shirt. You’ll look like you have a conscious and the you think about the issues even if you don’t, thanks to this convenient piece apparel from Headline Shirts.

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