Where My Dogs At? T Shirt

by on November 27, 2010

DMX done rapped this song, then the phrase morphed into an Internet meme. You have an animated short called Where My Dogs At and you have this Where My Dogs At T shirt making light of a very serious message. Gotta have friends and they gotta back you up when shit starts going down.  Whereas this shirt brings to the front the rumor that Asians eat dogs, thus the little cardboard box of take out may just have your dogs…not the dogs you call your friends because that would be really Jeffrey Dahmer gross. Just real dogs, which is sorta gross but not cannibalism icky gross.

So, is it culturally insensitive to laugh at this shirt? I thought it was funny. I’m featuring it on my blog. Am I racist? Or Xenophobic? Or any kind of non-productive stuff like that. Nah. I just love a good stereotypical joke when I see one. Do you? Busted Tees sure does.

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