Where Do Farts Come From? Uranus Tshirt

by on May 15, 2010

Sometimes it gets a little too deep, a little too heavy here at Tshirt Groove with all of the social commentary and dissemination of important information. The politics. The philosophy. The theology. Sometimes you just have to lighten up, kick up your feet and say “fuck it.” I’m going silly stupid. And that’s when you start the third grade wordplay and the fart jokes.

Fart jokes never cease to amaze me in the raw power they possess. They have a tremendous batting average, if by batting I meant making me laugh. It’s probably because I’m a 9-year-old boy trapped in this 63-year-old hermaphrodite’s body, but whatever the case, let’s take a load off and enjoy some yummy butt mind candy.

Without further ado I present Where Do Farts Come From? Uranus T-shirt. Wherever you are in the maturity department. Whatever your stance on fart jokes. You really need to get this shirt and wear it often, if for nothing else, than a sociological experiment. How do your relationships change as you continue to wear this shirt in more and more inappropriate places. Who cuts you off from their circle of friends? How many family members can you alienate? How many significant others become used to beens.

Try it…it’s a blast!

Snorg Tees told me something that I can’t repeat for fear of reprisal from the highest levels of Uruguayan government. Shit’s for real.

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