What Would Zeus Do (WWZD) Tshirts

by on February 9, 2010

This is so sacrilegious I can’t even stand to give it any publicity. I mean, as a Born Again Christian, of course, I’m going to bash it, but for the vermin of the Internet any publicity is good publicity. So, here I am a damn devout lover of Jesus Christ giving a Zeus-worshiping tshirt company and their blasphemous new offering air time on the most widely read funny tshirt blog based in a basement on the East Side of Milwaukee.

But, let the handful of readers that may stumble upon this site accidentally in the next 33 months know that I am totally against this shirt. Number one, Zeus is a false god, because there is no other god but the one true God in the Bible, who gets jealous, and tells fathers to kill sons, and sets it up so the only way you can go to heaven is to believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is your personal Lord and savior.

What Would Jesus Do is the truth and inspires me every time look at the WWJD medallion hanging from the gold chain gracing my hairy chest, which any god-fearing woman can see if she so chooses.

Anyway, to think there’s a “god” that throws lightening bolts, impregnates women and animals, and drinks all kinds of wine…that’s just ludicrisp. And, look at that build. There’s no way he gets like that without performance enhancing substances. Is that the King of the Kingdom you want running the show? Is that the Almighty you want to base all your decisions on. I DID NOT THINK SO.

Do not get this What Would Zeus Do (WWZD) t-shirt, unless you want to sign your ticket straight to hell.

Donovan would approve of the Hurdy Gurdy Nerdy Shirts.

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