What What In the Butt Tee Shirt

by on February 20, 2010

Samwell puts it all on the line with this amazing piece of sonic wonder. You’ll be singing it for days, because it is What What in the Butt. Oh, and once you realize this is basically your new mantra, you’ll need to get the What What in the Butt T-shirt in order to help you remember.

Check out the viral video sensation of 2007:

Along with Christianity, Eddie Murphy as a big inspiration for the creators of this song. Especially his killer song entitled: Boogie in Your Butt. Is that Grandmaster Flash? “Put a tin can in your butt, put a little man in your butt.”

Of course, don’t forget Butter’s rendition of the song on South Park. Entire episode.

Why you ask would you wear something today that commemorates something that went viral in 2007? I’ll tell you…BECAUSE IT IS TIMELESS AND ROMANTIC. DUH! I mean look at the album cover.

Nerdy Shirts = The real good stuff.

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