What Does It Mean Double Rainbow T Shirt

by on October 20, 2010

You have seen the double rainbow guy’s video already. I don’t even need to link to that. Right? Basically, Bear Vasquez took a hit a acid, stomped around the woods, and ended up seeing a double rainbow, which made him freak out, because of the significance of it all. He couldn’t wrap his mind around “what does it all mean.” Hence, you have a What Does It Mean T Shirt for sale. If you’re into wearing the latest in Internet sensations on your chest then this is probably a very terrific shirt for you.

Now, Jimmy Kimmel, caught up with ball tripper, Mr. Vasquez, and had him on his show.  Apparently, Jimmy got wind of the Yosemite Bear Double Rainbow freak out video and posted it on his Twitter and all of a sudden it blew up. Millions of views.You should probably check the interview out:

One Nerdy Shirts employee was actually on that camping trip with Bear. He’s keeping that info kind of on the down low, because he doesn’t want to be associated with a nut, nor does he want to be implicated in taking drugs, because Nerdy Shirts has a very strict anti-drug policy. Piss tests for any reason at all. Minimum of once a month.

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