What a Treat: Shirt Shop Interview

by on September 25, 2012

What’s your name, the name of your shop, and your role?

My name is Christian Brennan, I am the designer behind What A Treat.

Where are you from?

I grew up in San Diego and moved up to the San Francisco Bay Area in High School where I have lived ever since.

Why did you choose Kickstarter to raise funds to launch What a Treat?

I thought it would be a great way to get the name out for people to see what we had been working on for the last year. It was a behind the scenes idea that was created on the side and I thought Kickstarter would be a good avenue for awareness.

How much time do people have to pledge?

The Project was started with a months time for pledges. I believe there are a couple weeks left to get some tees!
What was the inspiration for launching a t-shirt business?

Do you really have a sweet tooth?

I love candy! I eat pretty healthy so afterwards I’m left with an itch for a bit of sugar. I’ll usually grab some Mambas, skittles, or gummy bears to take care of that urge.

What do you say to parents accusing you of tearing at the moral fabric of society (i.e. the Betty design)?

Haha when I would doodle these designs or get inspiration from images I began to draw things that I knew I couldn’t release for my other brand. As the idea grew and we decided to go forward with it, we went ahead with making one or two edgy designs for the weak moraled, haha. There will eventually be a line geared towards a younger audience with the treats and some “after dark” designs for the old folk. The idea is actually a play on an old Too Short song which I gave a little reference to with the Oakland sign. To parents I say, some treats are worse for your health then others, treat yourself wisely haha.

And, what about nutrition? What kind of message are you delivering with the candy kicks vegetable’s ass every time?

Lol treats are different to each person picking them, one persons snack is another persons rabbit food. Sugar gets a bad rep and I thought they would be tired of being held down by the vegetable man. I personally eat healthy, but don’t let the candy know.

Would you say that Tootsie Roll looking dude is your mascot?

Yes, Chauncy Sugarsworth represents the brand and leads the treat revolution. He will be the factor behind many plays on famous photos and pop culture parodies.

What differentiates your shop from all the others on the Internet?

My experience designing for street/skate wear carried over into these parody shirts. I wanted to incorporate street ideas and boutique style designs to make walking pieces of funny art. People can find new takes on old ideas and funny deconstructions of their favorite childhood memories from the 80’s and 90’s.

What kind of shirt stock do you use? Why?

I am used to working with the industry standard Alstyle tees for many years. But, I also know that people like their thinner fashion fit tees as well. So, we decided to offer both styles to men because who doesn’t love choices? Girls tees are offered in scoops and we will probably make a standard ladies tee as well.

What’s your favorite design?

I really like the War & Treats design because it showcases the idea of the brand perfectly. It’s a Outsiders type battle with both the candy and veggies ready to duke it out, maybe I will have to do an aftermath one so we can see what happens.

On the Kickstarter page you mention online retailers and bricks and mortar stores. Are you mainly going for a wholesale business or a mix of direct to consumer and wholesale?

I would like the brand to be direct to consumer at first to build the brand and offer our treats to a wider range of people around the world. There will be some wholesaling to our accounts which will also get the brand out there more as well.

Where do you see your business in a year?

Within a year we would like to have our site up and running with a very interactive e-commerce section so anyone can have access to our designs. We will work with our partner stores and websites to bring new graphics out on a regular basis. Hopefully, we will also be including some exclusive candies in each order as well!

Where can people find you? Site URL, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

All of the social media and site will be created shortly after the campaign is over. Right now you can check us out at www.counterbalanceclothing.com and see the seeds that started it all for us.

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