Wedding Crashers Iceberg Just the Tip T Shirt

by on September 5, 2011

Nice way to slip in a very dirty sexual reference. Drop an iceberg in the mix and everybody becomes frigid, except those that truly dig the plea for just the tiniest little bit of sex. If you like the word/imageplay going on here, and you like to convince girls to give it up by promising just the tip. Or if you’re a girl that demands just the tip as you’re getting to know each other then this Just the Tip T Shirt is a no brainer purchase.

Okay, I did 13.5 seconds of research on the Internet to figure out where this phenomenon started, and, of course, it comes from the great Vince Vaughn and the movie Wedding Crashers. He has a rapid-fire monologue about why he hates dating. Here’s a link to the clip, because apparently nobody can embed Wedding Crashers snippets on their sites. Stupid.

Snorg Tees can be dirtier than your perverted uncle, but they do it with style, so it’s cool.

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