We Can Finally Stop Pretending We’re Canadian T shirt

by on April 17, 2009

we-can-finally-stop-pretending-were-canadian-teeHey, things are looking up for world-traveling U.S. Citizens. Not quite as much spit in foreign soups. Less evil stares. People giving pause to the formerly knee jerk trip the American Tourist walking down the aisle. The Bush Rules no longer apply.

Of course, if Obama continues to listen to Bernanke, Summers and Geithner, only U.S. Citizens that own their own jets and islands (re: financiers) will be traveling. The rest of us won’t have two nickels to rub together.

In the meantime, buy We can finally stop pretending we’re Canadian t-shirt and enjoy the moment.

I wouldn’t lie to you…this is the absolutely true Busted Tees Review.

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