Walter White Heisenberg T Shirt

by on November 26, 2012

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As soon as he busted out that hat, you could tell Walter was destined for big things. Breaking through the passive, underachieving school teacher rut and becoming an interesting, successful, and somewhat scary dude. Not sure becoming a big time meth cooker is the right path for all budding chemists but it should be part of any due dilligence.

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Freddy December 1, 2012 at 8:48 pm

The only guy cooler than Walter White is that dude Mike. Oh and you know how Saul Goodnan has that World’s Best Lawyer mug. It’s funny because its ironic, but I think that dude really is the world’s best lawyer. He’s got the goods on everything. I wish he was my lawyer. Gotta find that on a tshirt. Until then, I gotta have this one. Evoke that comic scene when Walter has that baby bag on his lap. Emasculating as he’ll. obviously suspect. Comic mastery.


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