Voting is the Perfect Way Not to Feel Like an Asshole T Shirt

by on November 4, 2008

Happy Election Day!!

Get out there and vote. Even if you have to do a write in candidate like Cartman or some shit you should get out there to the polling place and exert your democratic right and duty. Plus, if you prefer one candidate over another this voting this actually helps boost your preference in the final count, unless, of course, there are voting machine malfunctions, like when George Bush is in the running.

Anyway, today is the day. Don’t forget. Then get one of those stickers that says “I voted” and feel superior to all the people that don’t have the stickers and feel the camaraderie you have with all those civic-minded folks that also have the sticker.

Then, get drunk and start bad-talking the opposing candidate or both if you wrote in Jack Black as your write in. See if you can get into a little fisty cuffs. I mean that’s the perfect cap to a perfect election day. Fighting for your candidate!

Go vote or at the very least buy the Voting is the perfect way no to feel like an asshole when someone asks if you voted tshirt

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