Volunteering: It Doesn’t Pay T Shirt

by on May 31, 2008

Volunteering: It Doesn\'t Pay TshirtComing through with the unexpected. I felt almost blindsided with this one. Yeah, sure volunteering is good, tell me a little more and all of a sudden…It doesn’t pay. Which is so literally true, yet a catalyst for many heated discussions with your hand-wringing liberal friends. Plus, you have to love the crossing guard vest and the hairdo and the love and protection directed at each and everyone of the kids, despite their obvious feelings of superiority.

If you volunteer, you probably don’t have the cash or time to buy this tshirt. I understand. But, if you have some scratch in hand, this volunteering: it doesn’t pay tee is a wise investment.

I gotta testify Busted Tees is something to sees.

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