Viva La Evolucion Tshirt

by on June 25, 2010

Very nice play on words here. We’ve got wordplay. Spoofing the Che Guevara Viva La Revolution.

When you look at Che, there is surely a monkey quality to his face, especially in the iconic photo. It’s a natural step to get to replace his visage with that of a monkey. The brilliance of this Viva La Evolucion t-shirt, is then taking the monkey theme and pulling some evolution/Darwinism into the mix. Flat out funny.

You know I’m guessing Che was a bit of a douche bag, and I’m guessing the monkey on this shirt throws feces at innocent passersby, so there’s that connection as well.

Talk about evolution and revolution. Busted Tees has brought humor shirts to an entirely different epoch.

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