Venn Diagram Hello Aloha Goodbye T Shirt

by on January 18, 2011

This is what you call a clever little shirt, using a Venn Diagram to explain that aloha means both hello and goodbye in Hawaiian. Don’t you think that’s clever? Then Busted Tees takes it to the next level by making the circles that you normally see in a Venn Diagram and switching those out with speech bubbles. That is awesome, because these are words that are generally spoken to one another.

It’s understated yet brilliant and I know you want the Hello Aloha Goodbye T Shirt.

I suppose you also want to learn a little bit more about Venn Diagrams. Well, I have your back for that as well. Venn Diagram’s represent two ideas that overlap and the overlap of the two ideas is another idea or thing or wingy dingy. Actually, I’m no good at explaining but here’s the Wikipedia page about it. You couldn’t have found that yourself, I’m quite sure.

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