Vegetables Have Feelings Too Eat People T Shirt

by on November 3, 2010

The cabbage is mad and the tomato is sweating it out looking a little sad and unhappy that the cutting board is his fate. Of course, being from Milwaukee, I’m a little sensitive to the whole eating people thing because of that Jeffrey Dahmer deal about 20 years ago. Can you believe that dude had a 13-year run of killing, necrophilia and cannibalism. He got his at the correctional institute where he was beaten to death, but back to the Vegetables Have Feelings too Eat People T Shirt.

This is kind of funny because once you’re evolved so much that you cannot hurt any living creature, you end up living in a giant air bubble, hoping it’s not squishing a gnat. Maybe you drink water, though there are living things in that. Of course, the air you breath is full of living microbes as well, so either you live your life in total fear of killing God’s creatures and waste away due to lack of any sustenance, or you grow a pair and start eating people. At least I think that’s the message T Shirt Hell is trying to convey with this shirt. I may be wrong.

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