Vampire Meets the Hound T Shirt

by on March 10, 2011

That’s a great name. You have THE MOUTH of a vampire…we know this because those canines are long and sharp, and that mouth has the look of an orifice that has ingested raw, fresh blood often. Then, you have these disembodied mouths floating around on a background of houndstooth pattern, which if you think about it, deepens the word/image play. Sharp vampire canine teeth hovering over the very eye-catching zig zag of the houndstooth fabric. That’s quite lovely and all the reason you need to get a Vampire Meets the Hound T Shirt for your own self.

Apparently the folks over at Young Lovers Label really put on the creativity cap when they think up their shirt designs and the naming of their designs. Quite refreshing and interesting especially for someone stuck in his mom’s basement in a frozen city in the Midwest. Like I’m entering the periphery of the dynamic art scene of New York City.

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