Vampire Hunter of the United States T Shirt

by on May 28, 2012

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With the Stove Pipe hat on the Eagle’s head and hatchet in his claw, it’s pretty clear that this Vampire Hunter of the United States T Shirt refers to the novel by Seth Grahame-Smith – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and the soon to be released movie by the same name.

At first glance that looks and sounds absurd, but I suppose you can pretty much pump out anything with vampire in it these days, and you’re looking at a great chance of getting thrust into the zeitgeist.

I wonder what all this zombie, vampire, Apocalyptic shit really means. Is the collective consciousness picking up on a cosmic event that’s about to go down? Or is it just a natural reaction to the cost of gasoline nudging past $4 per gallon in the United States?

Whatever the case Snorg Tees is putting it down on threads for posterity.

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