Valentine’s Day Sailor Kiss T Shirt

by on February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t ask don’t tell has been repealed. Yay! Except when do you walk around your job telling co-workers your sexual preference. “Wow, this staff fridge sure is full. People aren’t not cleaning up their stuff. Hey, by the way, I have a hot date tonight, and I’m totally excited because I love the vagina.” Or, “hey, thanks for sending that spreadsheet did you know I like to smoke the pole. Do you know what that means? I like the dick.”

Anyways this Sailor’s Kiss T Shirt is pretty spectacular because it takes an iconic image and tweaks it so hard, meddling Religious Righters are shitting their pants, slowly. It’s not explosive. It’s just oozing out of the them. I’m not gay, but this is great. Because people should not give a shit about other’s sexual preference, and, if they do, they should see 23 people a day wearing this Headline Shirts offering, until they lose their minds, and become 54% more tolerant and laid back. Know what I’m saying? Am I right?

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