USB 4 GB Flash Drive Back That Thing Up T Shirt

by on July 18, 2011

Hey, this is a nice reminder to back up your work. You never know when the network is going down or the thunderstorm is going to knock out a power line, and the multiple viruses you’ve picked up as you make your way through the seedier parts of the web, conspire to blow your shit up. That’s why you should have this Back That Thing Up T Shirt to remind you to hit save all the time, and to run back ups on a regular basis.

Or, this may allude to a sexual maneuver, but Snorg Tees couldn’t stoop that low could they. They couldn’t be talkin’ about asking a girl or guy I suppose, to back up their parts toward the parts of the person asking for the backing up. That’s probably not where this shirt is coming from, ‘cuz that nasty.

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