US Presidential Election Pissed Off T Shirt

by on October 6, 2012

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Basically, I think a good percentage of Americans are finally coming to the realization that US politics is all theater. There’s not one real thing going on. That put on a performance on the stage, the tv and the Internet, and then work deals in the backroom to continue growing the strength of the kleptocracy. Everybody should be pissed off of this. Everybody should be laughing in the face of the two-party system. Everybody should be marching in the streets and demanding change before we enter the new dark ages of fuedalism. And, it’s coming. Believe me it’s coming fast without a massive counter action.

Buying this shirt is the first step. Ha Ha. I’m a goddamn radical capitalist. It’s not a contradiction. I’m serious. Capitalism is the finest system ever created as long as there are some rules with teeth and consequences if you break them and an impartial referee. Maybe I’m Pollyanna.

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