Uncle With Benefits T-shirt

by on April 26, 2010

Very nice work taking a risque but somewhat culturally accepted topic like friends with benefits, where parts of society are admitting to the need of straight sexual relationships with no strings attached, and accepting that isn’t necessarily a bad thing amongst consenting adults.

Now, let’s bring this new type of arrangement into the family and make it all kinds of creepy. Reminds me of the Chris Rock bit on Bigger and Blacker where he talks about every family having a molester uncle that is very inappropriate:

“Your mama’s like, ”Where them kids at?”

“They’re with Johnny.’”

“Get them kids! Hurry up, get them kids! Don’t leave them with your Uncle Johnny!”

Later on, you get molested, your mama get mad at you.

“That’s what you get. Hanging around fucking Johnny. l told you about that shit! Now walk it off!”

Sometimes I have to think about who would wear a shirt like this. Are you just typecasting yourself as creepy if you wear this shirt. Are you the Uncle that takes liberties with nieces and nephews or is the humor universal enough to keep you from suspicion. Or maybe it’s that ironic mustache that proves that you’re obviously wearing the shirt for the laugh.

This shirt, I believe, holds up to any of the rigorous testing and comes out as a winner. Thus, you should probably pull out the billfold and purchase Uncle With Benefits Tshirt on the Internet right now.

It’s time to make the people in your general vicinity laugh.

Tshirt Hell is like that sketchy uncle you don’t kids alone with…and I mean that in a good way…maybe.

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