Unathletic T Shirt

by on October 9, 2010

Styled like the Oakland Athletics logo, this is a fine example of flipping a commonly seen image on its head, and making it humorous, so that you chuckle to yourself, while you sit in your miserable cube and the other cube prisoners wondering what sort of fucking off your doing rather than getting your work done. Little do they know you’re enjoying some of the finest t shirt humor going from our friends at Busted Tees.

This shirt works if you’re fat and obviously fit the description, because fat jokes from fat people are funny. This shirt works if you’re obviously in shape and athletic, because then people will just elbow you and say “yeah, right,” will the opposite sex will want to get with you for showing a bit of humility and a monster sense of humor, while possessing very desirable assets. Think about it. The Unathletic T Shirt is a good purchase by just about anybody. People will love you for it.

Go A’s! Just kidding I don’t give a shit about baseball. I’m way cooler than that. NBA only.

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