Two Horses in a Man Costume T Shirt

by on September 2, 2010

Okay, lesson for the day. When two people are in a horse costume that’s called pantomime horse, and apparently it’s really big in the U.K. Because all of the videos on Youtube for the pantomime horse are from over there. Kind of figures. Weirdos.

Anyway, this Two Horses in a Man Costume T-Shirt really spins that pantomime horse thing on its head. Trouble is logistics. Getting the fabric over the horses. Getting one horse to sit on another horse’s shoulders. And the horse on the bottom having to walk on its hind legs for an inordinately long time. Tough stuff. Left to only the horse professionals among us.

Myself, I can’t even fathom making that happen. I mean what type of fabric would you even use. And would you give the man a top hat? I have no idea.

Torso Pants takes the best from Europe, twists it all to hell, and makes it, uniquely their own, and that State’s own. Are you proud?

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