Two and a Half Men Charlie Sheen RIP Charlie Harper T Shirt

by on September 24, 2011

This is all meta and shit. You have a show that canned Charlie Sheen for being way too out of control, then he takes the whirlwind of mayhem that is his life super public, and let’s it all hang out. He has fights with the Two and a Half Men people about money, he takes more drugs, talks more lunatic bravado, and then bones two more porn stars. TV shows must go on, especially the highest grossing comedy on television (I may have made that up), so they killed off Charlie in the most violent vile train accident you can imagine. Pretty funny really. Not as funny as South Park killing off Chef, but pretty funny nonetheless.

Anyways, buy and wear the RIP Charlie Harper T Shirt, because it’s totally going to be worth a mint when Sheen meets his inevitable real life demise, despite the Adonis DNA and Tiger blood.

Look at Me Shirts likes all you TV watchers out there exactly what you want. Very generous of them.

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