Tornado Twister T Shirt

by on June 13, 2009

twister-teeSee I didn’t really get what the hell was going on in this shirt. I was trying to figure out what kind of farm was growing this round, candy-colored produce. Or maybe it was a play on words with that rainbow polka dot cow we’re always hearing about. Or perhaps it had to do with Dairy Queen and a bubble gum ice cream cone. But, after 29 hours straight of intense meditation, I finally figured it out.

That farm is just the background for the star of the proverbial show. The tornado. Or should I say “Twister.” Get it? Twister. Twister = Tornado. Twister equals the greatest party game known to human kind. Twister has multi-colored vinyl game mat and now it’s all twisted up in a tornado pose on this terrific shirt.

Be the life of the party and celebrate Twister and polka-dotted farm animals: Twister Tee

I wouldn’t lie to you…this is the absolutely true Busted Tees Review.

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