Talladega Nights I Want to Be Formal, But I’m Here to Party T Shirt

by on July 2, 2008

I want to be formal but I\'m here to partyAh, the tuxedo tee shirt. Nothing says classy and fun like wearing a tshirt with the look of a tuxedo. It’s good to wear one of these gems on any social occasion, but it’s even better to wear one at a formal event. Add jeans and flip flops to the ensemble for non-stop funniness and admiration from anybody that’s Cool with a capital C.

Not sure what tuxedo tshirt you want, but would like to have a selection to choose from? Glad you mentioned it. Visit this tuxedo t-shirt emporium for everything you need, including tanks, aprons, sleeveless, long sleeve, flowers in the lapel, ringer tee and long-sleeves. Also, on display: a large array of colors – black, red, brown, maroon, heather gray, white, charcoal gray, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink and much more.

Get the Talledega Nights Jesus in a tuxedo t shirt above, when you want the funny shirt that explains exactly what you’re trying to say when you tswear your for real tuxedo shirt.Tuxedo Tee Shirt Orange

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