Mouse Pad T Shirt from Tuesday Tees

by on March 24, 2012

You gotta like the silly wordplay here. That is a pretty sweet pad, though I would think you wouldn’t want to make your house out of something you love to eat. I mean, I can’t even have food in the pantry that I like to eat, but I’m not allowed to eat on my slow carb diet. Why? Because I’ll frickin’ eat it, break my diet, and turn into the fattest tub of lard on my block. That’s why.

But, with the mouse. You have a house made out of cheese then isn’t there a huge temptation to eat your house. Wouldn’t that suck?

You get into a manic mood where you gotta fill that gaping hole in your soul, and there are no drugs and alcohol available, and you’ve already burnt yourself out on reality TV, so you turn to the next best thing. Comfort food. Except, when you’re done with your binge, not only do you feel sick and fat and sad, you don’t have a house. That’s bad.

Last point: if it has to be cheese, don’t you want to go a different direction than Swiss, ‘cuz that stuff has a lot of holes, and
would probably let a lot of the elements right in, making your domicile somewhat uncomfortable. Maybe mouse shelter needs are different in that regard, but I don’t think so. Use some cheddar or hard cheese like Romano.

Hey…this Mouse Pad T shirt is cute, so get it from Tuesday Tees right now.

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Jon March 25, 2012 at 12:45 am

The positive spin i see on this is that once you’ve eaten your house, you go to the dairy farmer and buy a new house, and it only costs as much as a wedge of cheese. No insurance Is necessary, and you never get sick of your house because it’s frequently updated/replaced. And you never have to go to the grocery store–just eat your walls. Bonus bonus on top of bonus. This mouse knows his stuff. I’d pike to meet this mouse and shake his paw.


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