TSA Don’t Touch My Junk T Shirt

by on November 24, 2010

Now, this is a political shirt that I can get behind 100%. Fuck this! I don’t really care if you take candid shots of my wrinkly, hairy balls, and 2.5 inches of manhood, but molesting me in front of my grandmother, and then molesting her in front of me just ain’t right. This airport security thing is complete bullshit. This is a national security issue. This is the CIA and FBI and other law enforcement agencies working together to suss out plots against the United States and thwart them way before the suicide bombers make their way to the International Airport.

Get this straight right now Transportation Security Administration (TSA)! We don’t want this. We’d rather run the risk of dying in a plane hijacking, which is smaller than dying from Crayola coloring accident, than submit to the humiliation and degradation that is airport security right now. Stop the fucking bullshit right now! Congress do something about this! Obama do something about this! If we give in to this, we’re basically saying we will take anything.

Step one is to wear this TSA Don’t Touch My Junk T Shirt to your next flight. Step two congratulate Snorg Tees for fighting the good fight by producing this shirt.

Fight for your Fourth Amendment rights!

Here’s hero John Tyner refusing to submit to the aggressive pat down:

Here’s a shitty rap that speaks truth:

Here’s Ron Paul speaking out against this nonsense:

Today was a National Opt Out day, because TSA randomly made today opt out day, and I haven’t heard about any hijackings or any such thing. Just lucky I guess.

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Julia September 25, 2011 at 10:30 pm

I’m gonna wear this shirt the next time I fly cuz I like pissing off those self-impressed f*cking Nazis. TSAs are the kind of petty motherf*ckers who would have gotten off in the Gestapo as SS officers. It’s incredible that every era draws this type of scum-sucking slime to just the right and the mist deeply offensive profession. I’m proud to say that I was once detained for my attitude after like a 12-hour transatlantic trip. They were upset that my shampoo bottle was unmarked–no label–and that it waz 4 oz instead of 3, and I was unpleasant about the pettiness of their bullsh*t. But there was a guy behind me with a security-threatening unopened bottle of Aquafina, so they let me go. Little did they know that I am a thought criminal and I have been wreaking hell on this f*cked up country ever since. I will proudly wear this shirt–thanks to Snorg tees for being my biggest hero since George Orwell.


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