True Evolution T-Shirt

by on August 19, 2010

When it comes right down to it, evolution has taken some strange twists and turns. Hard to believe in a way, but not nearly a leap of faith, as say, an omnipotent being getting bored and deciding to create creatures in his own image. Ha Ha. What some people believe. I feel more comfortable in the evolution theory espoused on this True Evolution T Shirt:

  • Monkey – the beginning of it all, of course. Forget the stuff about things crawling out of the sea. The monkey is the primary element of all. You’ve seen the video clips of them scratching their ass and smelling it. There’s nothing more basic than that.
  • Dog balloon animal – all the birthday clowns will be proud, their creations made the cut.
  • Walrus – this is where the ocean comes in. Not at the beginning which is foolish, but in the middle, because when you’re evolving sometimes you want to take a dip.
  • Lost in Space Robot – at some point in moving on you need to have alert systems to keep you alive…”Danger, Will Robinson.”
  • Upright man – the straight posture came in the robot face then there was the dormant hairy gene that was alive and well in the monkey, was lost on the balloon (unless it was bouncing around on my dirty, dog hair covered floor), came back a little on the walrus, lost again on the robot, than came in again on the top of the head, armpits, groin, and various other parts, especially depending on the age of Mr. Upright.

Torso Pants shirt designers are first and foremost, scientists, and second, artists.

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