Troubleshooting the Hangover T Shirt from Five Finger Tees

by on February 14, 2012

The real beauty of this Troubleshooting the Hangover T Shirt is that there is a “u” missing in Troubleshooting. You know how the mint screws up on some of the money it prints and they money becomes a collectors item. Like Benjamin Franklin on the hundy scratching his armpit, when really he should be scratching his forearm.

Those defective pieces often go for a ton of money years down the line, and I believe the same thing will happen with this one from Five Finger Tees.

So, invest in this shirt and watch your net worth soar in like 26 years. Be patient. It’s a virtue.

By the way, I’m actually not super sure what this shirt says. There is a table with two columns. One says Symptom & Cause and the other says Remedy. Under Symptom and Cause we have Headache (Remedy is Pain Reliever and B Vitamins); Dehydration (Water, Sports Drinks), Nausea (Oxygen, Alka-Seltzer), Low Blood Sugar (R;laknsdfpaoisnf;ashf), and Unsolvable predicament (Hair of the Dog).

I’m sure it’s all super funny, especially when you add in the fine print, so feel confident you’re getting a terrific shirt right here. He doesn’t want to wear a hangover shirt when you go out drinking. It’s awesome.

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