Tropic Thunder Never Go Full Retard T Shirt

by on June 8, 2011

Of course, this is the Robert Downey Jr. line, when he’s talking to Ben Stiller’s character about acting, and Downey Jr. is telling him that playing a character with a touch of retard is a good move, and possible Oscar material, but going full retard is a death warrant on your career. Stiller had played a full retard in a movie, and was a little concerned about Downey’s analysis.

I loved Tropic Thunder and thought that Downey Jr. was brilliant as a black military man. And, of course, the advice is sound, which is why you should wear the Never Go Full Retard T Shirt, but only when you know who you’ll be around, because it could be wildly offensive to someone without context or perhaps with context.

Deez Teez knows what the funny stuff is and celebrates that stuff with rip snortin’ tees.

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