Triceratops on a Trike T Shirt

by on February 14, 2011

This is the coming together of two tri thingies: a triceratops dinosaur and a tricycle–little tots transportation. When you can make that work it’s awesome and the results are stupendous, and, I’m going to put my foot down right here and say definitively that this Triceratops on a Trike T Shirt is a success. Snorg Tees really did the thing here. And, I applaud them for that.

Whenever an enormous person or beast rides a small tricycle, it’s hilarious. Add the alliteration and you have, basically, t shirt gold.

You know what’s weird is I sort of forgot about the word trike. Whenever I see a three wheeler I think tricycle. But, it’s obvious if I think about it. I didn’t forget the word bike and that’s short for bicycle. Although, it’s often used for motorcycle as well, but I’d like to propose that motorcycle get shortened to mike. Will anybody shoulder to shoulder with me for this cause?

Hey, check out the cream of the funny dinosaur shirts on the web.

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