Funny Nose and Glasses Transformers Optimus Prime T Shirt

by on February 20, 2011

Hey, this is funny on a several different levels. Normally these transformers turn into cars or planes or other cool things, so that they can’t be recognized easily on Earth, but here’s Optimus Prime, the leader of the good guys, putting on a funny nose and glasses disguise hoping the decepticons and the humans that don’t understand don’t recognize him. That’s pretty funny. The semi cab wasn’t working for him apparently. Actually, I think he’s trying to look more human so he can get with Megan Fox. Steal her from Shia LaBeouf’s character, Sam Wickiwhack.

You know this Transformers Optimus Prime Funny Nose and Glasses Robots in Disguise T Shirt makes you giggle. Admit it and then take out your wallet and buy it right now.

Busted Tees has been run completely by robots since the last quarter of 2009. No joke.

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