Torso Pants Ranked Worst to First Part 2

by on May 17, 2010

Drunken Astronauts and Space Bars Tee Shirt

Ta Dump. This shirt surely doesn’t make any sense. But, spacebars and astronauts is a pretty good combination of goofy. Good yoke.

I Am An Animal in Bed Llama Tshirt

I too have heard this about llamas. They look sort of geeky with those long necks, but those bedroom eyes really get you.

Baseball Football Tshirt

It’s a football but it says baseball. Cognitive dissonance at it’s finest. Not a total fan of this shirt.

IV:XX Tshirt

Four-twenty in Roman Numerals sweet. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

Yo, Where My Knickers At? Tshirt

Not sure where I stand with this shirt. That old school street urchin missing his pants and wondering where they are is kind of funny. But the wordplay is treading dangerously close to inappropriate. YOU DECIDE.

This is My Clone Tee Shirt

So, this excuses any unsavory activities you may partake in. Sort of clever. Sorta blah.

Two Horses in a Man Costume Tshirt

This may rise in coming months. It may be quite funny and I’m just not letting it hit me right. We’ve all seen the horse costume with one person as the head and one as the ass. Now, we’re switching that around and saying I’m so big and bad it takes two horses to wear the costume of me. Then, again maybe this shirt will stay down here in the rankings.

This Shirt Doesn’t Make Sense And Neither Does This Apple Tshirt

Calling a hydrant and apple and saying it doesn’t make any sense. Sort of weak.

Platypus of Death T-shirt

Could be worse than the hounds of hell and the grim reaper combined. Or it could be a really random useless shirt.

It Says I Told You So on My Back: Told You So Tshirt

Cool. Not sure I care.

World’s Goodest Teecher T-shirt

Ha Ha. Teacher spelled stuff wrong. Phthtftht.

Hey You, Yeah You, No Not You – Do you like tacos? Tee


I Am Not an Ambulance T-shirt

Some day I may understand why you’d want to look in the mirror and read this, but at this moment I do not. Maybe it’s a play on those backwards I am handsome or buy more beer shirts. Ah, hell, I’ll keep it at the bottom.

Torso Pants Ranked First to Worst Part 1

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