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by on May 20, 2012

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I don’t know what the word recursive means, but this shirt with the International No sign on top of a shirt featuring the International No sign is pretty wicked and mind blowing to. It’s like saying “never say never,” ‘cuz you just said never bro. Same thing as saying there should not be shirts with the International no symbol on them, except instead of using words out of your mouth, you let people know by having that symbol twice on your shirt.

Maybe that’s what recursive means. Maybe when you tell people the name of this shirt, they will be super impressed by your intellect and your sense of humor. If that happens you can thank Wigu and Overcompensating for putting together the design, and Topatoco for making it available.

After you check out the shirt, go ahead and check out the web comics: Wigu and Overcompensating.

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