A Softer World – Tomorrow is Just a Day Away T Shirt from Topatoco

by on May 7, 2012

Here’s a little different take on the hopeful song from the musical Annie. She’s having a rough time of it, so she’s sings about tomorrow, tomorrow is just a day a away, in order to perservere. This too shall pass type of stuff. However, the flip side of bearing up under it and making it through is that tomorrow you’re a day older and one step closer to the grave.

So, this Tomorrow is Just a Day Away T Shirt portrays a view of this saying from just about 14 degrees off center. Can you have degrees off center? Did that make even a lick of sense? I have no idea.

Come on…you like skulls especially on your clothing, and you like tweaking the outlook of those antiperspirants that tell you to keep the faith, so for sure this offering designed by a softer world and made available on Topatoco is just for you.

I love ginger afros:

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