Top 50 Funny Threadless T Shirts

by on March 31, 2012

Here’s the deal. Threadless is awesome, but Threadless has about 90 thousand shirts, so I decided to take a week off from work and pour my soul into finding the top 50 funny Threadless T Shirts. You’re welcome.

I encourage you to leave a comment if you have other nominees or thoughts on this order, or if you have a gig for me that involves dully looking at red carpet images and getting paid half a million dollars a year.

In descending order to build the tension. Your palms will be sweating by the time you hit the top 20.

50. Eskimo Pop T Shirt

This is kind of morbid, gross, and cute all at the same time. It makes the list.

49. Statue of Liberty Superpower Ballad T Shirt

Rock on United States. Statue of Rock ‘n Roll more like it.


48. In Case of Emergency Break Fast T Shirt

Hey, emergencies can make you hungry, and you don’t know when you’ll get a chance to eat again, so break the glass.

47. The Scremo T Shirt

Kid’s board broke. Kind of an odd combo, emo and skateboarder. Not sure that’s common. Could be wrong.

46. Race You to the Bottom T Shirt

That circle is all kinds of cocky. Square and triangle should team up. Square blocks, triangle walks to finish line.

45. You Call That a Pocket Waldorf and Statler T Shirt

The Muppets are awesome and this pair of curmudgeons and their lacerating wit will make everybody wince and smile.

44. Dog Ate My Homework Excuse Homework Evidence T Shirt

Hey, if teacher doesn’t believe you, get an Xray.

43. Darwin Kick T Shirt

Ah, the ultimate end of evolution, the glorious kung fu fighter.

42. Bermuda Triangle T Shirt

That’s a scary triangle. Make a wide berth.

41. Piggy Bank Saving Money Xray T Shirt

Good to see some money is being saved in this spend/debt crazed culture.

40. Refrigerator Running T Shirt

Goof ball joke nicely executed.

39. Pillow Fight Champ T Shirt

I have been hit square on with a pillow and it rang my bell. Shoulda seen what I did to that 6-year-old kid though.

38. 3D Glasses Cyclope T Shirt

Poor Cyclope. That ain’t gonna work. And, who wants to see Titanic again without the gimmick?

37. Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure T Shirt

Dude, lasers were coming out of the cat’s eyes. Scary and awesome.

36. Haikus Are Easy T Shirt

Corny joke and I love it.

35. Hypotamoose T Shirt

That’s a moose and a triangle and wordplay on the geometry term hypotenuse. Nice.

34. GMO OMG WTF Are We Eating T Shirt

This actually isn’t that funny. More horrifying really, but the alphabet soup makes it clever.

33. Hunting Ducks T Shirt

Something about these gentlemen hunter ducks.

32. B 25 Waterbombers T Shirt

Hey, how much better off if all militaries of the world only had water balloon weaponry.

31. Donkey Kong Hard Job T Shirt

It ain’t easy being Mario.

30. Ice Cream Everyone Poops T Shirt

Potty humor featuring an ice cream cone. Yay!

29. Sports T Shirt

The perfect I don’t give a shit about Sports shirt.

28. In Case of Fire Break Glass T Shirt

Most people do not have roasted marshmallows often enough.

27. 217 Finicky Fish T Shirt

Maybe if he put some bait on that hook, he’d get a nibble.

26. Camouflage Bear Disguised as a Bee T Shirt

Sometimes I’m a sucker for cute.

25. Grampa Cassette T Shirt

Back in my day, you couldn’t just go to any song you wanted. You had to physically fast forward the tape.

24. Astronaut Funkalicious T Shirt

Yes..we’ve got the funk and zero gravity.

23. Unicorn Nobody Likes a Showoff T Shirt

This is one of those creepy cool designs.

22. Monty Python & the Holy Grail and Gandolf Impasse T Shirt

Ha ha. How long before they figure out they’re saying the same thing and can just turn around and walk away.

21. Squirrel Mugging T Shirt

Bad economy…even the squirrels are mugging each other.

20. I Listen To Bands That Don’t Even Exist Yet T Shirt

Damn that’s cutting edge…no…bleeding edge. Like hipster time travel.

19. Lonely Robot Dirty Mind T Shirt

Robot needs a screw. For some reason Prince, Violent Femmes, and Styx are coming to mind.

18. Legendary Design Failure Trojan Sea Horse T Shirt

Dammit, it doesn’t fit inside the entrance. Redo.

17. Classic Gamer T Shirt

Who is that Archimedes, Socrates, some OG Greek dude playing a Roman chariot game.

16. The Northern Black-Capped Gumchewer T Shirt

This is silly, just like I like it. Love the specific bird name.

15. Jelly Balloons T Shirt

Sublime. Hope they don’t sting the kid.

14. Shave the Whales T Shirt

All those symbiotic fish and barnacles and getting caught up in that damn thing. Clean it up.

13. Rubberband Duel T Shirt

I saw Clint Eastwood wearing this tee in Omaha.

12. Summer Licks T Shirt

Love the tweak on the Rolling Stones logo. Looks awesome.

11. Gramodog T Shirt

That dog has a stylus tied to his tail. Don’t tell PETA.

And the top 10!

10. Hidden Part of Icebergs T Shirt

This is great. That’s why survivors of the Titanic strangly tasted waffle cone.

9. Snow Devil T Shirt

For some reason I expect all the snow in the general vicinity to be melting around that demon.

8. Unicorn Afternoon Delight T Shirt

Lovely homage to the Starland Vocal Band.

7. Mozart Decomposing Since 1791 T Shirt

That’s hilariously gross. Only works with a rapscallion like Amadeus.

6. Mr. Potato Head 127 Seconds T Shirt

That was an excruciating couple of minutes. The tension. The pain. The fear.

5. Making Mythology T Shirt

Oh my…you think mythology is made up of cute little stories, but you forget about the “blue” parts. Hide the children and small animals.

4. Venn Diagram Hell Maybe T Shirt

Best Venn Diagram I’ve ever seen. Hell is a versatile word.

3. The Brave Little Kang T Shirt

This just delights my eyes every time I see it.

2. Invention of Color T Shirt

Wasn’t quite sure where to rank this. But, the pure weirdness of it compelled me to move it near the top. We’ve done it. COLOR!

1. Charlie Brown Dirt Bike Aaugh T Shirt

I love this because from a distance it looks like the Charlie Brown shirt, but up close you get the little bonus feature.

There you have it. Now, you can read my Threadless review for the inside scoop on this great shirt site.

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