Top 32 Busted Tees T Shirts

by on April 6, 2012

I have poured over the entire catalog over at Busted Tees and have come up with the top 32 funny Busted Tees shirts. This is a list that you’re going to want to refer to over and over again, so be sure to bookmark, tweet, facebook, and write down on a piece of clean lined paper, this page.

Also, if you take exception to how I’ve ranked the shirts, I will certainly listen to your question, comment, complaint, suggestion in the comments section, so please feel free to discuss.

In reverse order because that’s the way it’s done.

32. Unathletic T Shirt

With the look of the Oakland Athletics but with the opposite meaning. Are you sure you don’t want to get all juiced up like Canseco and McGwire?

31. Batman and Robin T Shirt

Love the pants on the bat. That’s special. Robin’s mask it cute.

30. The Price is Wrong Bitch T Shirt

Best line in Happy Gilmore. Bob Barker steals the show.

29. Sportsmanship is For Losers T Shirt

So, true winning is the only thing ask the New Orleans Saints.

28. Mexican Basketball Association T Shirt

Mexican in a sombrero shooting hopes. I like it though it’s on the edge of racism.

27. South Korea’s Got Seoul T Shirt

Nice little wordplay. Wait, which Korea had Kim Jong Il. That was North. Can’t get his puppet in Team America out of my mind.

26. Ryan Gosling T Shirt

Good actor even if he did stake his claim to fame in the notebook. Somebody had to put his head on a baby goose. Right?

25. Recess T Shirt

Recess was the best as a kid. It deserves its own shirt, except for the times I got pulled behind the bleachers and beaten. In those instances I want a different shirt.

24. Reading is Jawesome T Shirt

Hey, let’s pry those kids away from those damn screens for a minute and get them to crack open a book. Why are books cracked open? Doesn’t make any sense.

23. Play-toh T Shirt

Love the pointer finger of the blue philosopher.

22. I Swear Your Mom and I Are Just Facebook Friends T Shirt

This is racy and I like it. Maybe talkin’ a MIDF situation…mother I did f***.

21. Keep the Dream Alive T Shirt

God, alarm clocks are intrusive. Horrible horrible things. Gots to get to work though.

20. I Have Reservations T Shirt

Baffling shirt and I like it. Another one dancing on the thin line.

19. Fat Astronaut T Shirt

Get that ice cream fatty. You deserve it. Space ain’t easy.

18. Shark I Have Feelings Too

Feelings of hunger when blood is in the water.

17. Cracka Please T Shirt

Ooops. This is a little switcharooni. I wonder who taught parrot to say cracker in that dialect?

16. Captain Canada T Shirt

Get it. Captain America is the real dude, but this design is done so well that Captain Canada looks totally natural with his maple leaf.

15. Freud Yo Mama T Shirt

Time to get real psychological on yo ass Sigmund.

14. Diver Shark Punch T Shirt

Hey, divers know what they’re getting into. They better be prepared to fight when a shark comes ’round.

13. Analog Welcome T Shirt

Ah, it’s sweet that all the tossed aside technology has a loving community that embraces them.

12. Fantasy Football T Shirt

Have always loved the wizard with the Heisman pose.

11. More Cowbell T Shirt

Classic SNL sketch featuring Will Ferrell’s hairy gut.

10. Yield Bear Shark T Shirt

You better yield when you see a creature like this in the water. What is it a Bark or a Shear. Doesn’t really work, because those are real words too.

9. When Work Feels Overwhelming Remember That You’re Going to Die T Shirt

Come on. You can make it too the weekend with encouraging words like this.

8. Fortune Cookie You Have Just Eaten Poison T Shirt

Bad news and you were just hoping for some winning lottery numbers.

7. Game of Thrones Summer is Coming T Shirt

Don’t watch the show but love this shirt. Especially the zinc oxide.

6. I’m a Terrible Designated Driver T Shirt

Don’t give the guy tipping a barrel back the keys to the Trans Am.

5. I’d Fuck Me T Shirt

The butler puts himself together every morning. With that much care you have to begin to be impress and maybe a little infatuated with yourself.

4. Wizard of OZ Scarecrow Zombie Brains T Shirt

One of the best zombie shirts you’ll see. Very nice. Rumor has it there was a real zombie on set of that creepy movie.

3. ET Goodbye Elliot Falling of the Bike T Shirt

ET finally figured out the kid was holding him back. He could navigate the damn bike himself. And much faster.

2. Amish Don’t Drink or Drive T Shirt

Well, they do drive a hard bargain on custom oak bed frames. Damn. Pricy.

1. I’m Outdoorsy In That I Like to Get Drunk On Patios T Shirt

This is the ultimate dating site line. Girls, guys, whatever will be pinging the shit out of your profile.

Now, why don’t you go have a look at my Busted Tees Review…you’ll get the inside scoop on what’s going on at this very popular shirt retailer.

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