Milrockee T Shirt from Too Much Rock for One Hand

by on April 28, 2012

What the…This Too Much Rock for One Hand is a local shop and I’m just now discovering them? Guess maybe I should leave my mother’s basement more often and meet some people. Build up my network. Of course, that’s a scary proposition, especially when you have power rock crews like these folks roaming the Milwaukee streets.

Maybe it’s safer to just tell you about the cool Milrockee T Shirt featuring many of the prominent buildings in our fine city, while sitting in my short pants and long socks, eating Skittles and drinking Kombucha (gotta be at least 50% healthy…am I right?) in front of my 13 year old lap top.

Just kidding, I go outside to get the mail all the time, yet somehow this is the first I’ve heard of Too Much Rock for One Hand. They seem to have quite a few original designs, most of which reference MKE, and a few recurring characters like an iron cupcake, a two-handed devil worship rocker sign, and a creepy bear with a wide open mouth. If none of that grabs you, you don’t have a pulse.

I mean, even if you don’t live in Wisconsin, it’s always cool to wear shirts from other places…makes you look like a world traveler, and in touch with the underground cool shit across the nation.

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