Tony Parker Cheating with Brent Barry’s Wife

by on November 18, 2010

Ooh la la. That’s a juicy story. Spurs point guard Tony Parker getting all French on Brent Barry’s wife. Damn that makes for a very awkward locker room, except that Barry hasn’t been there for two years. Just seemed like yesterday he was struggling in the playoffs.

Anyway, some people speculate that Longoria waited to file for divorce until after Parker signed his 4 year, $50 million extension, so she can get some dinero in the deal.

From The Big Lead:

“Did Eva Longoria file for divorce from San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker because he was cheating on her with a teammate’s wife? Longoria’s friend, Mario Lopez, said that all the text messages Longoria found on his phone were being made to the wife of a teammate.”

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