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by on June 11, 2012

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This is a cool t-shirt design from Mr. Saxon.

What it is a massive mix of fantasy, super hero, TV, movie, gamer stuff that needs to get done. I think I really need to list it out to get the full effect. Not sure if this is all supposed to be done in one day or it’s more of a bucket list. Actually, with all the boxes checked apparently the to do list is totally complete.

– Catch all 648 Pokemon
– Build web shooters
– Clone dinosaurs
– Destroy 7 Horcruxes
– Defeat the Daleks
– Repair the Batmobile
– Get a bigger boat
– Expose Moriarty – clear name
– Destroy the One Ring in Mordor
– Bring balance to the Force
– Assemble the Avengers
– Save Princess Peach…again
– Get back to 1985
– Don’t panic
– Fight Eggmans robot army
– Save the cheerleader
– Live long and prosper

You can find this shirt over at Red Bubble.

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