Tjunk Gaston Caba You Drive Me Nuts T Shirt

by on March 5, 2011

Double alert going on here: cute alert and wordplay alert. Let’s get into the wordplay of this You Drive Me Nuts T Shirt. Artist Gaston Caba from Buenos Aires, Argentina has taken the popular English phrase and gone literal in the design, with two little acorns driving a well-to-do squirrel, who’s smoking a cigar, and wearing sophisticated red striped pants, and a top hat, and holding a cane, in a very fancy limousine with an acorn hood ornament. This car is so long it needs 6 wheels. There’s a whole back compartment for the rich squirrel’s tail.

So, the wordplay, of course, is the nuts are driving the squirrel. It’s probably what Sir Squirrel said to his nut drivers that morning.

“Acorn drivers, come here.”
“Yes, sir…what can we do for you.”
“You drive me nuts!”
“Drive you where sir?”
“Anywhere. Anywhere. Just get me out of this dreary house.”

If you like wordplay with cute characters designed well, then you probably need to check out this shirt. While you’re there check out the rest of the site, which looks to be a place where artists can put their work on shirts and sell them. Good idea. Cool site.

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