Time Flies When You’re Having Rum Pirate Tshirt

by on August 9, 2010

This is a terrific little pirate shirt. It has everything: the mention of rum, a ship, and a treasure map. Plus, the wordplay makes it funny. This is certainly a solid play here by Snorg Tees. Very solid play. Rum does have that quickening effect like life has increased in speed, like the good times are rolling in like tsunami waves, except slower and more peaceful like sitting at the beach drinking a Mai Tai and talking about the latest Hannah Montana hijinx.

Actually, I’m sending mixed messages here. It’s a paradox. There is the slow down, take it easy, enjoy life aspect of drinking rum, and you can ask any pirate if that’s true and they’ll concur. But, when life becomes that pleasant you’ll find that the hours slip by quickly, and before you know it you’ve flown away from the islands and are back in a cube trying to explain why the website can’t really do that.

Or, in the case of a pirate, he goes from raping and pillaging to having to fill out the requisite paper work, all ship conquests require by the piratical code. Think about it. And, once you feel comfortable with the paradox. I mean comfortable enough to wear a Time Flies When You’re Having Rum Shirt, then, and only then, would I encourage you to pull out that pink vinyl wallet of yours.

Snorg Tees encourages piracy on the high seas. As long as it’s funny and cool.

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