This Shirt Gets Me So Much Cunt Tshirt

by on July 31, 2010

Wow. This one hits right in the solar plexus. It is a straight shot and I’m not even sure I should have the “C” word on this site. I mean, this isn’t England, where if you don’t call your best friend a cunt at least 21 times a day, your considered a flaming homosexual.

So, I guess since it’s on the site I’m expressing my tacit acceptance of its content. In fact, perhaps it can be construed as an endorsement. And, plus, I’ve heard from several friends guy and girl, that it totally works like a charm. Something about the design and the take no prisoners messaging that really makes girls take notice and offer themselves up for sexual pleasuring. Who knew? Sometimes it’s the last thing you would think would work to get some bump bump. And, you know why that is? Because the lord works in mysterious ways.

T-shirt Hell has a lot of Baptist friends on Facebook. For some reason they absolutely love the zany shirts.

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